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30 Prep Tools From Amazon to Make Cooking Truly Enjoyable

Cooking a good meal doesn't have to require loads of time when you have these nifty prep tools on hand.

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30 Prep Tools From Amazon You Didn't Know You NeededVIA MERCHANT

Let’s be real: Meal prepping can feel like a chore. Whether you find it soothing or stressful thinking about all the little tasks that go into a show-stopping meal, we have good news. There are a bounty of genius prep tools out there to help cut down time, so you can spend more time mastering your cooking skills (we’re looking at you, meal prep cutting board). Plus, these cheap impulse buys are available on Amazon, which means fast shipping. Happy cooking!

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Rotary Gratervia merchant

Rotary Grater

While we love traditional box graters, there’s something about rotary graters that makes meal prep so. much. easier. And this rotary grater that locks in place on counters takes meal prep to a whole new level. With three attachments for grating, slicing and fine shredding, it shreds a whole block of cheese in seconds. It works with potatoes (hash browns, anyone?) and veggies, too.

“I had way too much fun the first time I used it and was shocked at how beautifully it shredded ingredients,” our associate shopping editor, Madi Koetting, writes in her reviewer.

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Avocado Keeper Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Avocado Keeper

We love avocados just as much as everyone else, but sometimes they go bad too quickly—until now. This avocado keeper fits half of an avocado, safely storing it until the next time you want it. Its airtight case makes it a convenient alternative to storing the fruit in plastic wrap or baggies, which don’t always keep oxidation at bay.

“My avocado was still in great shape after nearly 24 hours. Plus, I simply cannot discount how much eco-friendlier (and more effective) this avocado keeper is than constantly relying on plastic wrap,” Annamarie Higley, says in her avocado keeper review.

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Herb Stripper Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Herb Stripper

Strip away stems from leafy greens with this herb and kale stripper. With slots for nine different sizes of greens, each hole is designed to pull kale, collards and herbs off of stems. It also has a sharp edge for cutting large leaves off plants. Pull each stem through one of the holes and you’re done! You’ll be amazed at how much time this prep tool from Amazon saves when whipping up salad recipes.

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Citrus Juicervia merchant

Citrus Juicer

Squeeze every last drop of juice out of limes and lemons with this convenient citrus juicer. The handheld design requires less work on your end than twist juicers while saving precious drawer space. Plus, it boasts small holes on the bottom to keep seeds away from your salad dressing prep.

Over 32,000 Amazon shoppers have given it five out of five stars. “Worked better than expected,” says verified reviewer, Angela. “It held all the seeds and pulp in the device while juice squeezed out effortlessly. I made lemon pepper chicken and now I can’t wait to make lemonade all summer long.”

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Vegetable Chopper Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Vegetable Chopper

There’s no use crying over onions, and now you won’t have to with this onion and veggie chopper. It gets the job done fast, saving you from tears while prepping your meal. Bonus: The vegetable chopper doubles as a mandoline for recipes that call for thinly sliced potatoes, carrots and beyond.

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Watermelon Slicervia merchant

Watermelon Slicer

Love watermelon but despise the time it takes to slice and chop the fruit? Say hello to this nifty watermelon slicer. Once watermelon is cut in half, the tool slides into the fruit and seamlessly chops it into even squares. Not only does it make it easier to cut every last bit of the mouthwatering treat, the watermelon slicing tool saves precious time, too.

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Herb Scissorsvia merchant

Herb Scissors

Kiss the hours you spent chopping and mincing herbs goodbye. Pull out a pair of these herb scissors to snip greens into perfect bits for your favorite herb-topped recipes. This tool is complete with a grip for comfortable cutting and won’t make a mess.

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Bagel Guillotine1 Ecomm Via Amazon.omvia merchant

Bagel Guillotine

Prep tools from Amazon that are fun and useful? Check! We tested this bagel guillotine to see if it stands the test of a crispy New York bagel—and it exceeded our expectations. Not only does it perfectly slice a bagel into two even halves, it works with English muffins and more. Say goodbye to cutting this treat with a standard kitchen knife once and for all!

Editor’s tip: Unless you’re blessed with impressive upper arm strength, use both hands when using this unique kitchen gadget to slice bagels and bread.

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Adjustable Measuring Cupvia merchant

Adjustable Measuring Cup

We’re not exaggerating when we say you’ll want to ditch your flimsy measuring cups after trying this adjustable tool. With measurements for dry and liquid ingredients, this editor-loved cooking gadget makes pouring everything from plain ole milk to sticky foods (looking at you, peanut butter) a total breeze. Plus, it saves storage space!

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Kitchen Mama Electric Can Openervia merchant

Battery-Operated Can Opener

A kitchen tool with a cult following on Amazon, this electric can opener seamlessly slices open canned goods in the click of a button. While some traditional can openers are hard to use, this battery-operated option saves you the time and effort of manually opening cans. Simply press the button to start and stop, then voilà! Freshly opened cans every. single. time.

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Nocry Cut Resistant Glovesvia merchant

Cut-Resistant Gloves

Protect your hands when you’re busy chopping away with these cut-resistant gloves. They ensure your new knife set doesn’t lead to scrapes or scratches—and give you the peace of mind when prepping foods like meat, fish and root veggies.

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Meat Masher Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Meat Masher

Yes, there’s an easier way to chop meat on the stove, and the secret is a meat masher. It looks just like the rest of your essential kitchen tools, except the five-blade design efficiently grinds hamburger meat and ground turkey into bits. The masher also works with soft foods like potatoes, squash, bananas and beyond.

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Obtanim Microwave Potato Bagvia merchant

Potato Pouch

Protect your microwave if you’re making potatoes tonight. Just pop this potato pouch in the microwave and hit start. Plus, it cooks them faster. Pair it with a potato storage container to keep spuds fresh until it’s time to cook.

More than 3,200 five-star reviewers call it a total life-saver for fast baked potatoes. “These things are game changers in making potatoes,” writes Azura Turner, a verified purchaser. “So quick, efficient and easy to use. My kids love baked potatoes and these are so easy. They can just pop them in the microwave and go.”

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Prep Solutions By Progressive Lettuce Keeper Produce Storage Containervia merchant

Lettuce Keeper

A lettuce keeper is one of the most essential prep tools from Amazon for preparing crisp, fresh salads. Two Taste of Home Test Kitchen staffers recommend this lettuce storage container for its dynamic design. A built-in colander makes for easy rinsing while the attached reservoir catches excess moisture. Plus, the adjustable air vent keeps produce at an optimal environment, so you can count on fresh salad ingredients—even days after going grocery shopping.

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Lasenersm 2 Pieces Dough Scrapervia merchant

Dough Cutters

These multipurpose dough cutters will pay for themselves in no time. Not only do they chop your dough into perfectly proportioned chunks, they also knead dough, scrape bowls and swirl pretty patterns across cakes.

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Tera Mortar And Pestle Set Natural Marble Grinder Spice Herb Grinder Pill Crushervia merchant

Mortar and Pestle

Whether you’ve been itching to make fresh guacamole or your grandmother’s spice blend never seems to turn out quite right, snagging a mortar and pestle is one of the prep tools from Amazon you’ve been waiting for. A party essential, this natural marble option doubles as kitchen decor.

“I have to say, I am really impressed by the quality of this mortar and pestle,” shares verified Amazon reviewer, Daniel W. “I looked at much more expensive models but ultimately decided on this, and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve used this for several recipes and found that I can grind most ingredients with ease.”

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Prepworks By Progressive Cherry Pitter Stoner Seed And Olive Tool Removervia merchant

Cherry Pitter

Make prepping cherries a breeze with this nifty cherry pitter. You can pit up to six cherries at a time (ideal for making cherry recipes) and it’s dishwasher safe. It’s also a genius gadget for removing olive pits.

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Spring Chef Dough Blendervia merchant

Pastry Blender

A pastry blender is an essential tart and pie baking tool for easily prepping crust without getting dough all over your hands. Sharp metal blades blend dough, making for crispy and flaky pie crust, pizza crust, scones and pastries. Add this to your list of gifts for pie bakers.

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Oxo Good Grips 3 In 1 Avocado Slicervia merchant

Avocado Slicer

Finally, a tool that splits, pits and slices avocados! This three-in-one avocado slicer is a unique kitchen gadget you won’t believe is real every time you prep the fruit. The ridged knife seamlessly splits avocados into two halves while the middle circle removes the pit and the mandolin slices it into even chunks.

“I’m a huge lover of avocado and I was fed up with almost slicing my hand open every time I tried to get the seed out of the center,” shares five-star reviewer, Val Williams. “In came this gadget and I couldn’t be happier. It’s everything I needed!”

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Nextrend Garlic Twister 4th Genvia merchant

Garlic Twister

Prepping garlic is a tedious chore, but no one wants to sacrifice flavor. Add this garlic twister to your kitchen arsenal for easy mincing. It’s one of the best “TikTok made me buy it” prep tools from Amazon, and you’ll actually look forward to using it next time you mix up a salad dressing or meal.

“I hate mincing,” writes Paige Brown, a five-star Amazon reviewer. “I’m not good at cutting small items like garlic into even smaller pieces. This thing is a game changer. Once you peel the garlic, three to four twists of this thing turns your cloves into tiny pieces. I’ve even used it for ginger.”

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Olive Oil Sprayervia merchant

Olive Oil Sprayer

This handy tool may look like a perfume bottle, but it’s actually one of the kitchen’s best-kept secrets. Fill the oil mister with the olive oil of your choice, and easily coat a pan, glaze a dish or spray on food. Spreading olive oil without wasting it has never been easier, thanks to this oil sprayer. Genius!

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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Poultry Shearsvia merchant

Poultry Scissors

Slice shells, break bones and cut up chicken with these surprisingly sharp poultry scissors. The spring-loaded blades are designed for the task, so you don’t have to hurt your hands—or your cutlery—trying to cut through meat with regular knives.

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Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Pressvia merchant

Tortilla Press

Whip up homemade tortillas with this savvy tortilla press. Roll up dough, place it in the center and push down on the press. It instantly enhances your empanada- and quesadilla-making game.

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Spiralizer 7 Blade Vegetable Slicervia merchant


Veggie noodles are a trend that’s here to stay. If you find yourself buying premade spirals, or maybe you’ve never tried zoodles, consider purchasing a spiralizer. We like that this option comes with seven blades, so you can play around with the spiral shapes of your choice.

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Cuisinart Csbp 100 3 In 1 Stuffed Burger Pressvia merchant

Stuffed Burger Press

No need to order out when you can make your own stuffed burgers at home. This burger press stuffs patties with anything you want. Save money by opting for a night in with handmade, gourmet-level burgers, thanks to this meat press. Talk about a genius prep tool from Amazon!

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Cuisinart Dlc 2abc Mini Prep Plus 24 Ounce Food Processorsvia merchant

Mini Food Processor

If you need to use a food processor but don’t need to grind up a lot of ingredients, this compact food processor is for you. It works just as well as your full-sized kitchen staple, but it holds less and takes up even less space—which means less cleaning for you!

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Spring Chef Must Have Potato Masher With Long Handlevia merchant

Potato Masher

This potato masher is ideal since it has a long handle, keeping hands far away from veggies oozing steam. This product is also durable, so you can count on perfectly mashed potatoes and veggies without the tool bending.

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Sametech Easy Kitchen Tool Stainless Steel Fruit Pineapple Peeler Corer Slicer Cuttervia merchant

Pineapple Corer

Peel, core and slice pineapple in one easy step with a pineapple corer. It’ll change the way you prep the fruit for pineapple recipes. Plus, it’s fun to use so you can slice pineapple with confidence.

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Lemon Zestervia merchant

Lemon Zester

When you want to give a dish a little something extra, reach for a lemon zester. It takes dishes to the next level by adding a little pizazz. Topping any dish off with a little color makes it more beautiful and tasty than it already is.

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Chef'n Cob Corn Strippervia merchant

Corn Stripper

If you can’t get enough roasted corn but aren’t necessarily a fan of the cob, this corn stripper goes a long way. Run the tool along the cob, kind of like a razor, and the cooked corn kernels instantly fall off.

“This has been such a time saver and kernel saver!” raves five-star Amazon reviewer, Carol Ann. “I used to cut the corn off the cob with a knife and would have kernels everywhere due to limited mobility in my left hand. With this, I’m able to get the corn off the cob and into the bowl with no casualties. My family is obsessed with my homemade corn chowder and now I don’t dread making it.”

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