Sarah Farmer, Taste of Home Executive Culinary Director

Sarah Farmer

Sarah has been sharing her culinary talents with Taste of Home since 2004. As the Executive Culinary Director, she leads the Test Kitchen and its team of food editors, recipe and product testers, and stylists. She also styles food, and develops and tests recipes. You might spot Sarah in our videos, talking about food or gadgets on social media and TV, speaking at culinary events or leading baking classes across the country. She lives with her husband, daughter and dog in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
We Tried A Kitchenaid Pasta Press—and It’s The Gadget Of Our Italian Dreams

We Tried a KitchenAid Pasta Press—And It’s the Gadget of Our Italian Dreams

The nifty KitchenAid Pasta Press is a top-tier mixer attachment, according to our Executive Culinary Director. Read her full review to find out why, plus which pasta shape is her favorite.