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60 Super Easy Ground Beef Dinners

What's for dinner tonight? We've got simple skillets, casseroles, tacos, meat loaf and more.

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Unstuffed Peppers

This quick version of stuffed peppers will leave everyone satisfied. You can even use leftover rice to make the process that much faster.

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Simple Taco Soup

Taco toppings like cheese, avocado and sour cream pair well with this simple taco soup. Bonus: It’s freezer friendly.
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Meat And Potato Casserole Exps Gbbz22 5961 B10 20 6b

Meat-and-Potato Casserole

You can choose which cream soup you use is this cheesy casserole. The crisp potato border really sets this dish apart.
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Spanish Noodles & Ground Beef

Crumbled bacon adds a nice crunch to this comforting meal. This beefy dinner is warm, cozy and filling.
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Smothered Burritos Exps117455 Th143193b04 22 2bc Rms 3

Smothered Burritos

These spicy burritos are coated in green enchilada sauce and salsa verde. You can add leftover veggies into the filling to boost the nutrition.
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Mexi-Mac Skillet

You don’t even need to precook the macaroni in this one-skillet recipe. It’s easily customizable depending on what veggies, beans and spices you have on hand.
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Skillet Beef Tamales Exps39416 Sd143204b12 06 2bc Rms 9

Skillet Beef Tamales

A cross between tamales and chilaquiles, the results are fantastic. Some reviewers have even used wontons for the topping.
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Pizza Meat Loaf Cups Exps Sdfm18 19241 D10 11 4b 1

Pizza Meat Loaf Cups

These bite-size meat loaves are topped with cheese and pizza sauce. They can also be made in mini muffin cups to serve at a party. Just watch the oven!
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Bacon Cheeseburger Pasta Exps Gbbz19 12349 C11 08 6b 2

Bacon Cheeseburger Pasta

This ground beef meal is kid-friendly and easily stored for leftovers. To keep with the cheeseburger theme, you can drizzle mustard on top for a little extra tang.
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Favorite Hamburger Stew

This ground beef stew is perfect for a cold night in. When you want a low-maintenance dinner, you’ll find yourself coming back to this recipe.
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One Skillet Lasagna Exps Oprbz22 50956 Dr 06 23 4b

One-Skillet Lasagna

The cream of onion soup sets the flavor in this lasagna apart from the rest. The end result resembles a Chicago deep-dish pizza!
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Bacon Cheeseburger Rice

You’ve heard of cheeseburger pasta, but here’s cheeseburger rice! Adding sour cream or another dipping sauce gives the meal more kick.
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Cornbread Taco Bake

An appetizer and a meal in one, this easy bake is hard to mess up and easy to enjoy. Who knew that cornbread and taco meat would pair together so well?
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Cheeseburger Cups Exps Gbbz19 45599 E11 13 11b 10

Cheeseburger Cups

Like a mini pizza, these burger bites rely on buttermilk biscuits as the “bun.” Choose your own garnishes and dip for this kid-friendly meal.
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Easy Ziti Bake

This recipe allows you to get creative with the sauce. It can be homemade with various veggies, or from a jar. (These jarred pasta sauces are our favorites.)
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Cheeseburger N Fries Casserole Exps 13x9bz19 7899 E10 05 6b 2

Cheeseburger and Fries Casserole

Nothing goes better with a cheeseburger than fries. With just four ingredients, this is great for a cookout or a laid-back day with the family.
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Easy Beef Stroganoff Exps Sdfm19 39897 C10 18 2b 10

Easy Beef Stroganoff

This light version of a Stroganoff doesn’t miss out on any of the flavor. Add a little more Worcestershire if you want an extra boost.
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Dinner in a Bag

This ground beef recipe is called “Dinner in a Bag” because you can prepare your pantry ingredients ahead of time in easy-to-grab bags. It relies on simple ingredients and flavors for a quick dinner.
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Stuffed Peppers For Four Exps Sdjj17 39426 D02 10 5b 7

Stuffed Peppers for Four

With veggies, meat and pasta, this quick dinner has it all. You can swap out the orzo for rice.
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Pizza Noodle Bake Exps Ghbz18 40275 C08 30 3b 8

Pizza Noodle Bake

You can double this recipe and freeze one for a heat-and-serve dinner later on. Add your favorite pizza toppings to really make this your own.
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Sloppy Joe Pizza Exps Gbbz19 17168 E11 28 6b 2

Sloppy Joe Pizza

Take sloppy joes to the next level with this six-ingredient pizza—because if a sloppy joe is missing anything, it’s a lot of cheese.
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Broccoli Beef Braids Exps Gbbz19 10736 B11 28 4b 20

Broccoli Beef Braids

This is a dinner that will make your kids excited to eat broccoli. These ground beef-stuffed sandwiches are as fun to look at as they are to eat.
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Italian Beef And Shells Exps Gbbz19 48898 B11 28 10b 3

Italian Beef and Shells

This beef and veggie pasta is the total package. It will definitely make its way into your dinner rotation, with new variations every time!
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Enchiladas Verdes Exps Gbbz22 43128 B10 20 8b

Beef Enchiladas Verdes

You can make these in advance and keep them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to have dinner. The pimientos and green chiles give these a much-needed kick.
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Vegetable Beef Casserole Exps Gbbz19 770 E11 13 9b 4

Vegetable Beef Casserole

This one-dish casserole can be made with whatever you have on hand. What sets this apart is not the vegetables but the beef and cheese.
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Dill Pickle Hamburger Pizza

In a world of new pizza combinations what’s one more? With pickle juice and mayo drizzle, this pizza will be a delightful surprise to all who eat it.
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Hearty Vegetable Beef Ragu

Hearty Vegetable Beef Ragu

You might know Ragu as the jarred sauce, but did you know that it’s an Italian meat sauce? This vegetable ragu includes peas and kale.
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Southwestern Goulash Exps Sddj17 39880 16 C08 03 3b 7

Southwestern Goulash

Traditionally an Eastern European dish, this goulash is seasoned with cumin and green chiles for a Southwestern influence. The flavors are strong and the meal is filling.
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Beef Stroganoff Sandwiches

These Stroganoff sandwiches are a spin on the Russian classic. Ranch and sour cream make these sammies extra rich.
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Bbq Meat Loaf Minis Exps Cwas18 53418 B04 05  2b 11

BBQ Meat Loaf Minis

These adorable meat loaf minis are made in a muffin tin. You can add a cup of salsa or some chili powder for more spice.
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Taco Cornbread Casserole

This beefy casserole will easily become a dinner staple in your home. No sides necessary, this dish acts on its own.
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Beef & Pepper Skillet

This recipe is like a deconstructed beef fajita that’s great for leftovers. Plus, it comes together in just 30 minutes.
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Refried Bean Taco Pizza Exps Gbbz19 36656 E11 27 9b 12

Refried Bean-Taco Pizza

With ground beef, olives, onions and tomatoes, this pizza is textured and tasty. But the refried beans are the true star of the show.
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Best Lasagna Soup Exps48529 Th132104d06 27 4bc Rms 3

Best Lasagna Soup

All the flavors of lasagna come together in this comforting soup. Cook the noodles separately so they don’t get soggy.
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Asian Beef and Noodles

Serve this colorful dish with soy sauce and a side of pineapple slices. You’ll find yourself coming back to this recipe on grocery day.
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Herb & Cheese-Stuffed Burgers

These loaded burgers are cheesy and rich. The cream cheese filling is a nice change of pace from your usual burgers.
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Pizza in a Bowl

Wow your family with this recipe that’s perfect for pasta night. With cream of mushroom soup, ground beef and rigatoni, the ingredients may not all look like they belong on pizza, but the pasta tastes exactly like a supreme pie!
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Korean Beef and Rice

This version of Korean bulgogi is sweet and light. It can be made with ingredients you probably have on hand.
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Spicy Shepherd’s Pie

This quick version of a shepherd’s pie is made easier with instant mashed potatoes. The kick comes from taco-seasoned ground beef.
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Pierogi Beef Skillet Exps Sdfm18 42541 D10 04 8b 5

Pierogi Beef Skillet

Frozen pierogi let you get this dinner on the table fast. Garnish with cheese right at the table.
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Cajun Macaroni Exps Gbbz22 17398 E10 15 1b

Cajun Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese heals your inner child. And this ramped-up take on the childhood meal will have you finishing the pot.
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Favorite Sloppy Joes

Slices of cheddar cheese and chili sauce separate this spin from the classic you’re used to. And if you like sloppy joes, you’ll love this loose-meat sandwich recipe.
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Beef & Bacon Gnocchi Skillet

You’ve never had gnocchi like this before. It’ll remind you of a bacon cheeseburger, and you can top it like one, too.
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West Coast Snappy Joes

These quick “snappy” joes are unforgettable. If you have extra filling, you can throw it over noodles for a mac dish like no other.
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Beef And Mushrooms With Smashed Potatoes Exps Sdon17 191910 D06 30 2b 4

Beef and Mushrooms with Smashed Potatoes

Potatoes, mushrooms and ground beef make this the most relaxing dinner. The french-fried onions add a crisp to this otherwise smooth meal.
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Exps111075 Sd163324b08 07 5b 4

Fajita Burger Wraps

If you’re ever torn between fajitas and burgers, this is the dinner for you. The crispy shell plus the fajita seasoning in the ground beef really elevate this dish.
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Meat Loaf Muffins

What gives these meat loaf muffins their tang? Barbecue sauce! You can slice and dice these however you like for lunch the next day.
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Tortilla Pie

This beefy tortilla lasagna is exactly the type of meal inspiration you’ve been looking for. Serve it with a little salad on the side and dinner’s done.
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Mozzarella Beef Roll Ups Exps Sdas17 27594 B04 04 6b 1

Mozzarella Beef Roll-Ups

These pepperoni and ground beef wraps will make you and your kids happy. Skip out on ordering a pizza and make these ASAP!
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Quick Chili Mac Exps Sdfm17 26633 C10 07 4b 3

Quick Chili Mac

From Cajun mac and cheese to chili mac and cheese, there’s not much you can add to mac and cheese that won’t make it taste amazing. This ground beef meal is satisfying and good for the whole family.
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Easy Cuban Picadillo Exps Sdam18 42484 B12 01 2b 23

Easy Cuban Picadillo

You can use this picadillo filling in tacos, or just eat it as is. The pimento-stuffed olives and raisins add nice textures to the dish.
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Tater Tot Chos Exps175046 Th14191c11 21 2b Rms 5

Tater Tot-chos

Tater Tots instead of tortilla chips in nachos? Sign us up!
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Frito Pie

What more can you ask for from this spicy, salty, cheesy dinner? This Frito pie is ready in just 30 minutes.
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Beef And Noodle Casserole Exps Ft22 4243 F 0225 1 16

Ground Beef Casserole with Noodles

There’s never a wrong time for a casserole. You won’t have leftovers of this potluck favorite.
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Exps19216 Gb153642c01 07 1b 6

Southwestern Spaghetti

This dish is a great way to introduce zucchini into your diet. With mild but strong flavors, the spaghetti is just spicy enough.
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Tangy Barbecued Beef Sandwiches Exps36777 Sd143203c10 16 2bc Rms 1

Tangy Barbecued Beef Sandwiches

Just like sloppy joes, these sandwiches are a hit at parties. You can even freeze the filling for later if you want to stash some away.
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One Pot Spinach Beef Soup Exps Cscsbz19 159230 C04 05 1b 6

One-Pot Spinach Beef Soup

This weeknight dinner is comforting and packed with all the ingredients you love. Pasta, ground beef, spinach and tomato work to put this soup in such high demand.
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Beefy Hash Brown Bake Exps Ft22 14991 F 0222 1

Ground Beef Hash Brown Casserole

If you’re interested in breakfast for dinner, this is the meal for you. The hash browns combined with french-fried onions are a flavor experience you won’t want to miss out on.
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Zucchini Lasagna Exps Tohas22 3930 Dr 04 07 5b

Zucchini Lasagna

Looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to food. This zucchini lasagna tastes just like the real thing, but with much more nutritional value.
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Italian Joes on Texas Toast

Like a meaty bruschetta, one bite of this toasty dinner and you’ll be tempted to finish the tray.