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The Best Baking Supplies and Cooking Tools for Kids

Have a budding chef at home? Here are the best kids' cooking tools and kids' baking supplies and to nurture their culinary spirit.

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CrEATive Kitchen Junior Chef Setvia

Kids Baking Set

Start building your kid’s baking collection with this CrEATive kit on Amazon. It includes a complete set of mini tools, a cookbook and an apron, so it’s perfect for youngsters who are baking for the first time. Want more? These are our picks for the best kids cooking kits.

Why it made our list: This set has nearly everything you could need to get started, and it’s highly rated by hundreds of shoppers on Amazon.

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Fruit and Veggie Prep Kitvia

Fruit and Veggie Prep Kit

Get your kid in on the prep game! With an apple slicer, veggie scrubber, peeler and more, this set means your child can help you get a head start on any meal. Did you know preparing all of your ingredients ahead of time is a cooking secret chefs learn in culinary school?

Why it made our list: All of these tools are dishwasher-safe, so clean-up is easy-peasy.

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Wilton Animal Cookie Cutter Set, 50-Piecevia

Plastic Cookie Cutters

Sugar cookies are a great first recipe for kids to try. There’s no better way to make cookies exciting than by using cutouts—and what’s more fun than happy animals? This set comes with 50 cutters and is sure to include at least one of your kid’s favorite creatures.

Why it made our list: This set is made by Wilton, a brand that’s well-known for its affordable baking supplies.

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Nylon Knivesvia

Nylon Knives

If your child is eager to chop but you’re not ready to hand over the knife block, these StarPack starter knives are the perfect solution. Made of nylon rather than metal, the serrated edges can cut fruits and veggies but won’t cut your little one’s finger. See what other tasks kiddos can do in the kitchen, no matter their age.

Why it made our list: Reviews applaud the kives’ ability to cut through tougher vegetables, like carrots, while still being safe.

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 Kids Baking Set - 4 Piece Kids Cooking Utensils - Small Silicone Kitchen Tools for Kids or Adults - Whisk, Basting Brush, Scraper, Spatula.via

Mini Silicone Tools

Use mini silicone tools for mixing batter and scraping bowls. They’re hard to break and easy to use—meaning they’re perfect baking supplies for kids. When you’re stuck at home, browse this list of fun things you can do with kids.

Why it made our list: This set comes with four utensils: a whisk, two spatulas and a brush. They’re colorful and cute, and even boast a 5-star rating on Amazon.

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Cotton and Linen Parent Child Apron, Simple and Lovely Apron with Pocket for Painting and Cooking, Artist Apron & Chef Apron, Pack of 2 (Gray)via

Parent-Kid Apron Set

If you love cooking with your kids, a matching apron set is perfect for you and your mini-me. This adorable duo comes in six designs and is made from cotton and linen, so it’ll wash up after messy bakes. Read our honest review of Radish Kids, the cooking club just for kids?

Why it made our list: This set is cute and functional. It has lots of designs to choose from, whether you’re baking with a Captain America fan or a cat lover.

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 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids by REGILLERvia

Mixing Bowls

Mix things up with your kid thanks to this set of stacking mixing bowls. With a non-skid bottom, your child can put some elbow grease into their cooking without having to worry about the bowl getting away from them. They can use these bowls to stir up one of these super simple cake recipes.

Why it made our list: Any leftovers can be stored right in the bowl, thanks to the matching lids.

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Tupperware 11 Piece Mini Party Play Set for Children Cake Taker, Pastry Server, 4 Cups, 4 Plates and Pitchervia

Mini Tupperware Set

Allow your pastry chef to serve their next kitchen creation with this colorful Tupperware set. It comes with four plates, a cake cutter and a cake storage container. This set also has a pitcher and two cups, so you can make a refreshing batch of party punch.

Why it made our list: Tupperware is made to last, and this adorable set makes a great addition to your kid’s collection.

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MasterChef Junior Cookbookvia

MasterChef Junior Cookbook

Inspire your kid in the kitchen (and give them a few role models!) with the official MasterChef Junior Cookbook.  Make sure your little chef knows these kitchen secrets from the kids on MasterChef Junior.

Why it made our list: Not only does this cookbook have recipes that were featured on the hit show, but it also has tips from former competitors!

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kids cooking tools Oxo 11 Inch Better Silicone Balloonvia

Silicone-Coated Whisks

What kitchen set is complete without a versatile whisk? With this silicone and stainless steel whisk, your child can whip up sauces, batters and lots of eggs. Get them started with this secret technique for the fluffiest eggs they’ve ever had.

Why it made our list: OXO is a trusted brand that our Test Kitchen pros regularly use.

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kids cooking tools Sdadi Kitchen Step Safety Toddlersvia

A Kitchen Stool

Baking = fun. Not being able to reach anything = not fun. Every young baker needs a good stool they can use to actually see their ingredients, and we like this option.

Why it made our list: This stool works for both toddlers and kids. It has two steps and doesn’t take up too much room, so it works for nearly any space.

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Pastry Setvia

Pastry Set

Is your budding chef more of a pastry chef? Put them on pie duty with some help from this pastry set. The mat is marked with measurements so they can make sure their pie crust fits just right. These homemade pie crust recipes are sure to be on your child’s to-bake list.

Why it made our list: With a silicone mat, spatula, pastry brush and rolling pin, this kit has everything your kiddo needs to bake a perfect pie.

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Sweet Tooth Fairy Galaxy Sprinkles, Original version, Multicolorvia

Sprinkle Sets

No cookie is complete without sprinkles! This sprinkle set comes with a variety of shapes and colors, including moons and stars. They look incredible in the bag, and the kids will love ’em even more when they’re on a fresh batch of cupcakes (and let’s be honest, all over the counter).

Why it made our list: This hefty bag of sprinkles comes with enough to top several dozen cupcakes. Amazon reviewers say they’re extra tasty, which is a bonus for both you and your kid.

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Mini tongsvia

Mini Tongs

Your kid will flip over this set of 7-inch tongs. Available in 16 color combinations, these tongs can be used to make waffles, toss pasta, serve veggies and more! Take a look at these surprising uses for kitchen tongs.

Why it made our list: Dishwasher-safe and heat resistant to 480°F, you’ll love how durable these tongs are.

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Kids Baking Kit

As you build up your kid’s baking collection, get them started with a fun baking project by picking up a baking kit. This kit from Baketivity comes with decorations, premeasured ingredients and easy instructions to make a kid-friendly recipe: Bug Cupcakes!

Why it made our list: Baketivity makes great kits for young learners, and this set is no different. It teaches them a little bit about science and a little bit about baking, and we’ll never complain about mixing education and cooking.

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 Mini Rolling Pin, 2 Pack Kids Size Wooden Handle Rolling Pin Non-Stick Silicone Rolling Pins for Home Kitchen Children Cake 9 Inch by Koogelvia

Mini Rolling Pins

Your child will need some functional rolling pins, and it doesn’t get better than these mini rolling pins from Amazon. The pack comes with two silicone pins, which are the perfect size for small hands.

Why it made our list: These rolling pins are great for kids—they’re small, comfy and colorful. Plus, they’ll store easily in your kitchen drawers.

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Flour Shop Kids Oven Mittvia

Kid-Sized Oven Mitts

You won’t get far without oven mitts, and this one from Williams Sonoma is perfect for young chefs. It’s bright and colorful, and it comes with a handy hook that can be used for hanging.

Why it made our list: It’s best not to skimp on quality when buying mitts. Williams Sonoma is pricier than other brands, but the quality of their products is worth it.

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Measuring spoonsvia

Measuring Spoons

Teach your kid the importance of measuring ingredients and keeping a steady hand with these multicolor measuring spoons from Farberware. The spoons are made of BPA-free plastic and are dishwasher safe so you won’t have to fight over who gets stuck doing the dishes.

Why it made our list: Farberware is a staple kitchen brand, and we just love those bright colors!

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