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Let us help you plan dinner. Our seasonal, weekly meal plan ideas have every craving covered.

Meal planning makes grocery shopping and weeknight dinners less hectic, and we could all use a little less stress in our lives. If you’re new to meal planning, are a college student struggling to maintain a healthy diet or just need some new inspiration, our weekly meal plans are a great place to start.

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This Week's Plan: Meals Between Christmas and New Year's
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Need some inspiration on what to cook for dinner between Christmas and New Year’s? Here are a few ideas that either use up those leftovers, are super-duper easy or are just a little bit healthy.

Last Week's Plan: Rotisserie Chicken
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A rotisserie chicken is one of the best shortcut ingredients you can buy. Carve and shred it when you bring it home and store in the fridge until you need it. For this week’s plan, you’ll want to pull it out for Monday’s mac and cheese and Tuesday’s chili.

Want to make your own plan? Check out our meal plan template.

December Weekly Meal Plans

If you ask us, December is the best month of the year. And whether you’re craving something healthy in between bites of Christmas cookies or you need ideas for using up leftovers, these meal plans have you covered. Plus, they’re all easy! (We know you’ve got your hands full with holiday prep).

November Weekly Meal Plans

We look forward to November all year long. And while Thanksgiving Day is a major food holiday, the rest of the month doesn’t have to be quite as laborious. That’s why we love these oh-so-simple meal plans for sheet pan suppers, 5-minute meals and more. There’s nothing wrong with taking it easy!

October Weekly Meal Plans

Fall is in full swing, and we are loving seasonal ingredients. This month, incorporate pumpkin, squash, Brussels sprouts and more autumnal produce into your meals. This is also a great month to dig into cozy casseroles and hearty German eats (Hello, Oktoberfest!).

September Weekly Meal Plans

September brings a lot of change—cooler weather, back to school and shorter days. Make the most of it with prep-ahead meals, global eats and plans that incorporate your favorite kitchen appliances.

August Weekly Meal Plans

The dog days of summer are here. Cool off with summer meal plans built around grilled meats, family favorites and simple ingredients. This is a great month to take advantage of peak seasonal produce, too. (We’re serving sliced watermelon with almost every meal!)

July Weekly Meal Plans

Lazy summer days are coming right up. Enjoy easy 30-minute plans and more. Our goal is to help you cook less so you can enjoy more time outdoors.

June Weekly Meal Plans

Longer, warmer days have us wanting to spend less time in the kitchen. This month, we’re showing you how to use one prepared ingredient a few nights throughout the week. At the store (or farmers market!), keep an eye out for tons of fresh summer fruits and leafy greens.

May Weekly Meal Plans

See ya spring—and hello summer! May is a great transition month and the perfect time to start experimenting with fresh flavors in your kitchen. Put seasonal ingredients to work, like tomatoes and grilled chicken, and enjoy time well spent on the patio.

April Weekly Meal Plans

A warm up is on the way! Celebrate spring this month with recipes featuring taco meat, roast chicken and more. April is also a great month to get thrifty and experiment with making meals out of pantry staples or minimal ingredients. (After all, we’ve been saving up for spring break!)

March Weekly Meal Plans

Spring is on the horizon. As you start spending more time outdoors (goodbye, snow), make dinner quick with recipes that require just 15 minutes of prep. Making a big batch of meat and grains on Sunday also helps speed up weeknight dinners. And don’t forget about St. Patrick’s Day. We have ideas for the entire week—corned beef, reubens and other Irish-inspired meals.

February Weekly Meal Plans

February may seem dull and dreary, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re in the mood to use your favorite small kitchen appliances—like the Instant Pot and slow cooker—to cook up some comfort food, you’ll find lots of ideas this month. And if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your special someone, we’ve got a meal plan for you.

January Weekly Meal Plans

January is all about starting fresh—and that applies to your meal plans, too! We’re enjoying lots of lightened-up meals, as well as classic comfort foods to keep us warm on cold nights. January is also a great month to experiment in the kitchen, whether that means trying a new global recipe or finally putting your Dutch oven to work. Stay warm out there!

How do I make my weekly meal plan?

In the mood to make your own meal plan? We suggest starting with a few core ingredients that you can use throughout the week. Roast chicken, for example, can work as a Sunday night dinner, a Monday night taco filling and a Tuesday soup starter. We also recommend picking simple, family-friendly meals. After all, meal planning is supposed to make your life easier—don’t feel pressured to whip up a 27-step gourmet meal after a busy day.

Editor’s Tip: If you’re on a budget, use grocery store sale flyers to guide your ingredient selection.

What meals can I cook for a week?

Most meal plans focus on dinner, but you can also meal plan for breakfast and lunch—or all three! To save time, we recommend repeating meals for breakfast and lunch. Overnight oats are a great meal prep option to enjoy all week. And a big batch of grains, roasted veggies and grilled chicken prepared on Sunday can feed you for lunch the entire week.

If you’re looking for meal plans that fit a particular lifestyle, check out our low-carb meal plan, vegetarian meal plan and vegan meal plan. We also have tips for creating a healthy meal plan, too.

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