Corn Recipes

Whether fresh off the stalk or cooked, corn is both delicious and nutritious. Try these corn recipes, including corn casserole, corn chowder, corn pudding, corn bread, sweet corn, creamed corn and more.

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    How to Cook Corn on the Cob, 7 Ways

    Preparing this summer staple doesn't have to be a challenge. We share everything you need to know about how to cook corn on the cob. Pick your favorite of seven different methods!

    We Can’t Get Enough of This Easy 2-Ingredient Air Fryer Snack

    If you love popcorn, you have to try this snack hack.

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    Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

    5 reviews

    Don't be shy about loading up the spices and shredded chicken for this recipe. Slow-cooker chicken tortilla soup tastes amazing...

    Cowboy Pasta

    2 reviews

    This Cowboy Pasta recipe combines ground beef, bacon, corn, tangy buttermilk and Monterey Jack cheese for an easy but hearty...

    35 Thanksgiving Corn Recipes Your Family Will Love

    The best Thanksgiving corn recipes come from home cooks who have perfected their family favorites. Now we're sharing them with...

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    We Made the Pioneer Woman’s Corn Casserole, and It’s Summer in a Baking Dish

    Fresh corn meets heavy cream in this genius summer side dish from Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman.

    4 Ways to Remove the Silk from Corn

    Love corn but hate those pesky strings? Here's how to remove the silk from corn on the cob.

    This Is Why Southerners Cook Corn on the Cob with Milk and Butter

    Learn how to make corn on the cob with milk and butter for the ultimate summer side dish!

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    Mexican Street Corn

    Elote, otherwise known as Mexican street corn, is grilled, covered in mayo, and then sprinkled with chili powder, Cotija and...

    How to Reheat Corn on the Cob 5 Ways

    Did you end up with leftover corn on the cob after your last barbecue? Don't throw it away! Here's how...

    Sheet-Pan New England Clambake

    So many tasty swaps are possible for this recipe: Add pieces of salmon or haddock, use other quick-cooking veggies or...

    Chili Verde Esquites (Mexican Corn Salad)

    Chili verde sausages add a wallop of flavor in my version of esquites, a kicked-up Mexican corn salad. We leave...

    Grilled Potato and Corn Salad

    1 review

    Corn salad and potato salad are two summer classics. I smashed them together for a crowd-pleasing side that we love...

    Pickled Corn

    When fresh corn is in season and you're overeating it straight off the cob, try making pickled corn instead! —Amanda...

    Clam Stew

    2 reviews

    Every summer my family digs clams on the shores of Block Island, Rhode Island. This dish highlights the fresh sweet...

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    30 Healthy Corn Recipes to Try Tonight

    From grilled corn to chowder, these healthy corn recipes are anything but boring. Whether you use fresh, frozen or sweet...

    How to Make Air-Fryer Corn on the Cob

    Once you learn how to make air-fryer corn on the cob it'll become your favorite way to cook this summertime...

    Turkey Corn Chowder

    8 reviews

    This thick and rich turkey corn chowder uses up Thanksgiving leftovers. Every so often, my grandmother would even add chopped...

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    How to Grill Corn (and Make It Taste Delicious)

    The Taste of Home Test Kitchen shares a grilled corn recipe and answers every question you've ever had about grilling...

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    How to Cook Corn on the Cob in the Microwave

    Learn how to cook corn on the cob in the microwave so the only thing standing between you and those...

    Those Reddish-Pink Ends on the End of Your Corn Are Actually Corn Mold

    It's known as Gibberella Ear Rot, and it's a fungus that is commonly found in the fields of the Midwest.

    Seared Scallops with Polenta and Avocado Cream

    This seared scallops with polenta is a really impressive dish. It's beautiful but simple and a wonderful dinner party entree....

    Grilled Elote Flatbread

    Here's a fun twist on a classic Mexican dish! Keep your kitchen cooled down during the summer by grilling this...

    Farro Salad with Charred Shishito Peppers and Corn

    This farro salad can be enjoyed warm or cold. I am lucky that my mom has an amazing garden every...

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    Creamy Corn Custard

    I make this custard all summer long! When I serve it to guests, I try to make them guess the...

    Fiesta Corn

    2 reviews

    Corn with tomatoes and jalapenos is one of the first dishes I cooked for my husband. Don’t like heat? Use...

    Cheddar Corn Pudding with Bacon

    This cheddar corn pudding can be prepared ahead and refrigerated overnight. Remove from the refrigerator for 30 minutes before baking....

    How to Make Easy Corn Casserole

    This easy corn casserole is a simple and delicious side dish that comes together with 5 minutes of prep! The...

    How to Freeze Corn: 3 Different (and Easy!) Ways

    Save those kernels! Follow along as we show you how to freeze corn three ways.

    How to Store Corn on the Cob

    Here's the right way to keep your corn so it'll stay fresh and delicious.