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These new food trends have us drooling—and you will be, too. Find all your new favorites, from street food trends to food truck trends, here first.

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    We Can’t Get Enough of These Upside Down Puff Pastries Going Viral Right Now

    These upside-down puff pastry tarts are as delectable as they are easy to make.

    We Are Drooling Over These Viral Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt Clusters

    These sweet treats are being called the "snack of the summer"!

    Burrata Bowls Are the Perfect Summer Appetizer

    You'll want to snack on this tasty, cheesy app all summer long!

    We Are Drooling Over These Viral Pineapple Upside Down Pastries

    This fruity dessert is easy enough for everyday baking but beautiful enough for summer entertaining.

    I Made the Viral TikTok Spaghetti, and It’s Too Good to Be This Easy

    When you're in need of a quick and easy dinner, look no further than this TikTok spaghetti.

    Taco Bell Is Testing a New Version of its Iconic Crunchwrap

    No matter your dietary requirements, Taco Bell has a Crunchwrap for you!

    Is Diet Coke and Espresso the New Drink of the Summer?

    People are calling this zingy drink the "perfect post-dinner beverage."

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    These Viral Air Fried S’mores Cookies Are Insanely Delicious

    And they only use four store-bought ingredients!

    These Viral Watermelon “Fries” Are the Next Big Snack of Summer

    Kids and adults alike will love this adorable, refreshing treat!

    We Can’t Get Enough of This Crispy Air Fryer Edamame Snack

    If you love crispy chickpeas, this snack is for you!

    Ina Garten’s Boozy 3-Ingredient Dessert Is Easy Elegance and We’re Obsessed

    Is this the most sophisticated ice cream sundae ever?

    These Viral Smash Burger Tacos Are Just as Tasty as You’d Imagine

    How can you go wrong with a mashup of beef and tortilla? Answer: You cannot. Smash burger tacos are an...

    This Old-Fashioned Ingredient Is Making a Comeback

    Cottage cheese, once the domain of grandmas and fad dieters, is now the hip dairy food of Gen Z.

    This Viral Video Shows You How to Make a “Crème Brûléegle”, AKA a Creme Bru...

    Because who doesn't want to play around with a kitchen torch?

    This Popular Cottage Cheese Bread Is Absolutely Delightful—and Easy To Make

    We Tried Making Scrambled Eggs in Boiling Water—Here’s How It Worked

    The technique of cooking eggs in boiling water has its advocates on social media. So how do boiled scrambled eggs...

    Starbucks Is Changing Its Ice, and People Are Not Happy

    Starbucks is rolling out a new round, pellet-like ice nuggets that will replace the thin ice chips over the next...

    This Hack Will Stop Meat From Sticking to Your Grill

    Plus, tips for naturally cleaning grill grates and checking propane tank levels!

    We Can’t Get Enough of This Easy 2-Ingredient Air Fryer Snack

    If you love popcorn, you have to try this snack hack.

    What to Know About the Flavored Water Trend All Over the Internet, AKA Watertok

    #WaterTok has taken over social media, with beverage influencers and water recipes. But is the flavored water trend healthy?

    40,000 Pounds of Pork Was Just Recalled—Here’s What We Know

    Sold at Aldi, Walmart and other stores, the recalled pork was imported from Canada and was not inspected properly.

    McDonald’s Just Brought Back the Oreo Frappé

    Cookie and coffee lovers, unite!

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    We Tried the Viral Chicken Cobbler Recipe—and It’s Ridiculously Good

    The creator of this chicken cobbler—one most viral recipes on the internet—has just published his first cookbook, and people are...

    Chocolate Milk May Be Banned in Schools. Here’s Why.

    The USDA is considering a chocolate milk ban when it adopts new standard for school meals. Opinion is mixed on...

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    Dirty Martini Pasta Is the Popular Recipe You Never Knew You Needed

    People love dirty martinis, and people love pasta. Mixing the two as dirty martini pasta was bound to happen. Here's...

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    We’re Obsessed With This Vintage Cream Cheese and Olive Sandwich That’s Gon...

    So simple and delicious, this three-ingredient cream cheese and olive sandwich is the latest old-fashioned sandwich to get popular.

    Starbucks Is Charging $1 More for a Popular Drink—and Fans Are Mad

    The coffee chain will begin to charge an extra $1 for Refreshers that are ordered with "no water." Starbucks customers...

    We’re Obsessed With These Viral Crispy Parmesan Broccoli Sticks

    Don't waste your broccoli stems. Make this cheesy, healthy and delicious recipe instead!